Diligent Robotics Launches Moxi!

Diligent Robotics has launched its first product, a hospital robot assistant called Moxi, out of beta into market. The robot was expected to be introduced into a hospital in Texas on Wednesday, Oct. 2.

An artificial intelligence company that is building “socially intelligent robots” that help people with their jobs, Diligent Robotics has also announced that it has raised $3 million in seed funding, which the company will use to support its launch of Moxi into its first full-time hospital customers. Funding will also be used to support the company’s continued investment in product strategy and development in both hardware and software.

“Over the last year, Diligent Robotics has made rapid progress in delivering and testing Moxi in multiple hospitals,” says Rohit Sharma, partner at True Ventures, the co-lead for the funding round, and board member for Diligent Robotics.

“The team continues to demonstrate unmatched robotics-specific innovation by combining social intelligence and human-guided learning capabilities. We’re thrilled to continue our partnership with Vivian and Andrea as they build a world-class, leading robotics company.”

Founded in 2017, Diligent Robotics says that it is the first company to build a robot with social intelligence and mobile manipulation capabilities that helps humans in their work environments. The company launched its Moxi robot into beta phase in 2018. This phase consisted of month-long trials at four hospitals across the U.S.

Having yielded positive results from the robot’s trials, and having completed its beta phase, Diligent Robotics is now launching Moxi into market with full-time hospital partners.

“Our vision is to improve the way people think about their work by giving them more time to utilize their unique human skills, and let friendly robot assistants efficiently take care of their chores,” says Andrea Thomaz, CEO and co-founder of Diligent Robotics.

“We are proud to have the full support of our past investors as well as new key investors to accelerate the roll-out of Moxi robots into hospitals.”

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