Dear Members,

It was a great day for all at NASA Ames in February for our annual UAM symposium.  The breadth and depth of speakers at our events is something that I know we all cherish and revel at when we see it.  Over the years we have seen the evolution of autonomy, and the snapshots that each symposium provides us is why we are members of this chapter.  Ourchapter is award winning, very fortunate to be located in Silicon Valley and Northern California, and has so much to offer our members – but it is the chapter members that make it great.  Participation with our unique chapter culture is the spice that makes the symposiums so fantastic.  This year the questions were really on point and the speakers were phenomenal to watch.

We will be gathering and posting photographs, presentation materials in April for all to review.  Don’t miss out on our fall events and we hope to see you at the Silicon Valley Chapter XPonential Party in August of this year in Boston.