Dr. Cetin Kiris & Francois Cadieux

Dr. Cetin Kiris

Cetin’s field of expertise is CFD for aerospace applications. He initiated and orchestrated the development of LAVA, a computational framework for Launch, Ascent, and Vehicle Aerodynamics. Some of his most notable work includes: aerodynamic database generation for launch vehicle development; analysis of accident scenarios and launch pad ignition conditions for ground operations; turbopump flow simulations; numerical models of human circulatory systems under altered gravity; and application of CFD to analysis and design of artificial heart devices. He has published over 100 technical papers, and co-authored a book on numerical simulations of incompressible flows. He has a MS and PhD in Aeronautics and Astronautics from Stanford University.

Francois Cadieux

Francois Cadieux is a research scientist in the Computational Aerosciences Branch of the NASA Advanced Supercomputing Division at NASA Ames Research Center. As a member of the launch, ascent, and vehicle aerodynamics (LAVA) group, Cadieux contributes to the development of the LAVA framework for high-fidelity computational fluid dynamics. He leverages this cutting-edge tool and his expertise in large-eddy simulation (LES) to provide engineering predictions for a variety of NASA projects. Cadieux obtained his Ph.D. in aerospace engineering from the University of Southern California in 2015.