From VTOL to eVTOL

Technical Solutions from the

NASA VTOL Development Experience

Technical Solutions from the NASA VTOL Development Experience

As industry designs, manufactures, and tests new VTOL aircraft to meet urban mobility needs, they face a number of familiar challenges such as taking-off and landing in restricted spaces with complex and unpredictable urban wind environments; transitioning safely from hover to forward flight and vice-versa; operating quietly in densely populated urban environments; managing failures safely; and reducing pilot training/certification requirements.

Join NASA in exploring the rich research and development history and knowledge on VTOL aircraft design, development, and testing resident at NASA and the DoD. This two-day workshop aims to bring together a technical audience from government and industry to leverage the lessons-learned from past VTOL design and development to understand potential technical challenges and solutions related to present eVTOL development. The workshop will include tours and demonstrations of relevant test facilities and tools at Ames.