NASA Ames VTOL Testing and Simulation Tools and Facilities

NASA AMES Dr. Colin Theodore Dr. Colin Theodore Colin is an Associate Project Manager in the NASA Revolutionary Vertical Lift Technology project.  His research background is in the area of high-fidelity aeromechanics and flight dynamics simulation, and flight dynamics, flight controls and handling qualities of various rotorcraft configurations.  He recently led a project [...]

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Aerodynamic Modeling for Urban Air Mobility

NASA AMES Patricia Ventura-Diaz Patricia Ventura-Diaz Patricia is an aerospace engineer in the Computational Physics Branch working with Science & Technology Corporation at NASA Ames Research Center.  Her research focuses on geometry modeling and high-fidelity computational fluid dynamics of eVTOL aircraft for Urban Air Mobility.  She has an MSc in Aerospace Engineering from [...]

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Flight Test Results for Mission-Adaptive Autonomy

US Army Aviation & Missile Research, Development & Engineering Center Matthew Whalley Matthew Whalley Matt has been a researcher with the U.S. Army since 1984. He has conducted rotorcraft research in the areas of flight control, handling qualities, sidestick controllers, air-to-air combat, partial-authority flight control, and autonomy. Since 2000 he has led the [...]

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