Join the World Leaders in Autonomous Technology @ Levi’s Stadium

REGISTER HERE Silicon Valley California - World Safety Summit On Autonomous Technology Powered by Velodyne The annual World Safety Summit on Autonomous Technology will address safety issues and public concern in the realm of autonomous vehicles. In the [...]

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Using quadcopters to get year 9 pupils into STEM

Written by Raytheon UK Published: 13 December 2018 Aviation Minister helps Raytheon celebrate Britain’s young engineers Baroness Sugg CBE, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Transport, has joined with Raytheon to help celebrate some of Britain’s brightest young talents at the finale of a unique nationwide engineering competition. School pupils from England, Scotland and [...]

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Are Hobby Drones Dead?

New laws could stop criminals, but discourage new pilots. As I watched the guy unpack his Phantom 4 drone in the middle of a gorgeous valley in Mongolia, I thought: I came out here to get away from people like this. Here we were, far from LTE reception, watching wild horses run. Beautiful [...]

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Drone Safety 101 From Buzzy The Drone

FAA Drone Safety 101 – New Safety Video From The FAA It should come as no surprise that drones are once again one of the hottest items on everyone’s Christmas lists. Drone technology is awesome and can be used for many different purposes. But there is one HUGE problem with drones. Drone safety. This includes [...]

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